Spiritually Speaking – January 2021


On January 1, 2021, we get to toss out the old 2020 calendar
-and open up the new one! 

          A new calendar is a symbol of what God gives us in so many ways:  a new
chance at life.  I love new calendars and all of the hope they can bring.  

A New Calendar Prayer
 I open a new calendar, Lord.

It lies flat, clean, crisp, and pristine on my desk.
The days are numbered; but, as yet, they have no markings on them.
Each blank space is an opportunity—something that can be filled.
Fill them with your grace, O Lord.

Let each day become a place and a time where your love, your peace,
your joy, your righteousness, and your justice are made real in this new year.

Remind me to intentionally leave some space blank,
so that my days do not become so full that I have no time to reflect,
no time to rest, and no time just to be.
Keep me from so much busyness,
and allow me to commit—from time to time—
the sin of the assembly-line-wasted time.

As the year progresses, Lord, this calendar will
become creased, marred, torn, and stained with coffee-mug rings.
Let those things bring character not only to the calendar –
but to this year, and to me.

Finally, when I put this calendar away 366 days from
now, let me do so with love and gratitude…
for all you have done through the year.

This I pray in the name of the One who is beyond time,
yet created time, even Jesus.  Amen.

Reverend Michael B. Henderson,
Minister of Highland Park United Methodist Church
Florence, South Carolina