Epworth Children’s Home

  • Where do children go when the Department of Social Services has taken them from their families because of abuse or neglect?
  • What about when a mother is struggling with addition and is neglecting her children?

In just one day this summer, Epworth Children’s Home received 24 referrals for children in need of care.  These children experienced abuse, neglect, tragedy and needed a place to care for them and help them in their time of need.

Since 1896, the United Methodist Church of South Carolina, has refused to let these kinds of tragedies define childhood for our neighbors.  We stand with these children and promise to transform their future.  Through the ministry of Epworth Children’s Home, we open our doors to these children, surround them with comprehensive care, and provide them with the opportunity to transform their lives.  Epworth goes above and beyond just food and shelter.  It provides the children with tutoring, counseling, health care, fun activities, love and the spiritual foundation that they need to heal and bond.

Several times during the year our congregation will stand with Epworth to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, and shame through our collection of offerings for Epworth.  Without the support of churches like ours, Epworth can not provide the transformational care of these precious children in need.

We invite you to pray for Epworth Children’s Home and to give generously for the children who call Epworth home.

For more information about Epworth Children’s Home, click here to view their website.