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Dillon Methodist Church

Main St United Methodist Church, Dillon SC

COVID-19 Update for Main St UMC Dillon, SC

Our Church has weathered many storms before and we will continue to persevere with God’s good grace and mercy. With all the recent issues, we are still the Church. The Church is not a denomination, not a building, not a conference – the Church is the people; all of us who believe, love and worship our Risen King! We are the Church and we will continue until the time that we all worship together in Glory!

In light of the necessity of Social Distancing, we will not have corporate worship here in our beautiful building. We will be providing a “Live Stream” of our service on Facebook, complete with inspiring music, Scripture, and Sermon starting at 11:00 AM on Sunday, March 22nd and this will continue on Sundays until it is safe to worship together again. To view the Sunday Worship Service on Facebook, click here

Shelley will be providing a Children’s Church service during our regular worship time (11:00 AM) using a new program called Zoom. This will allow the children to log on with her and experience the devotion in real-time. We will send out more information on how this works, please email if you want to be a part of this.

We would also like to start a Call Committee, similar to the phone trees of long ago! We need members to call each other, to keep in touch, to find out if anyone needs anything, to pray for each other. If you could help in this very important way, please email the church. We have Youth who are available, please let us know what you need. We will have to find new ways to stay connected during this time and pass the peace of God to each other!

We will still be checking in at the church office but do ask that you call first if you need to come by. Please let us know your joys and concerns, let us know if you get sick, let us know how we can help you. We are the Church and the Church will continue until our Savior comes to claim His Bride!

In Christ’s Name,

Rev. Henry Altman