Spiritually Speaking – August 2020

Scripturally Speaking 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him,
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13 NIV 

Reflections on a Whirlwind Week 

          Have you everad one of those weeks when—no matter how hard you try to stay upbeat, cheery, and positive, you just can’t?  That’s what this past week has been for me.

          This was one of those weeks when events unfolded so rapidly, it was hard to keep up.  I spoke to folks who were glued to the news and social media, trying to figure out what it meant.  Others I spoke to said they just couldn’t bear any of it and turned off everything electronic.

          These are confusing times, and few things feel certain anymore.  It’s hard to see a clear path ahead.  It’s hard to know what to think, when everything seems to be changing so rapidly.  That’s why—during times like these, I try to spend some time away from the noise, so I can clarify what I really do think.

          How do I do that? 

          I read and listen to others whose words and thoughts lift me up and help to focus my mind on the positive.  That doesn’t mean I’m naïve.  It simply means that I know we can choose how we respond to all the noise and changes.

          I reach out to those whom I respect, those people who can offer me some perspective.  They remind me that we’ve gone through tumultuous times like these before: 

the turbulent 60’s
 a President’s resignation
 horrendous natural disasters
 September 11th, etc.

Clarity and calm always come back to us, but it takes time. 

          Give yourself permission to step away.  Breathe.  Turn to those with wisdom who have seen it all—and lived to tell about it.  Definitely stay attuned to the news, but…don’t allow yourself to become consumed by it.

          Find your resolve.  Focus on the good that you can do in your own life.  Our communities and our country need the good we have to offer.  They need for us to turn down the volume on the nastiness and look forward to a future that’s more united than divided.  I think we can all agree that we deserve a future that’s bright, positive, and more compassionate.

          I’m focused on moving us forward and uniting us.  Will you join me?

Dear God, help me to step away from the noise today,
take a deep breath, and quiet my heart and mind.
I trust You to take care of all the uncertainty I feel about what I can’t control.
Keep me from fear and discouragement when the path ahead is hidden and confusing.Thank you for all the wise people you have given to me.
Their words and actions lift me above the negative and the critical, and they bring me the clarity and positive perspective that I need.
Help me to stop and listen to them…and to remember what they’ve said.
Then I can refocus on the good that I can do for others. 
Even though I don’t see the path ahead, I know that my future is in your hands.


I’ve Been Thinking

Maria Shriver