Prayer Shawl Ministry

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Thanks to the members of our Prayer Shawl Ministry, each of the Salkehatchie workers coming to Dillon in July—and Dillon workers—received a prayer cloth like the one pictured above. Each cloth, which includes a cross knitted in the center, was accompanied by the attached prayer:
“Dear Lord, please hear our prayers
for these our brothers and sisters in faith.
Protect them from injury as they labor.
At day’s end, when muscles are sore
and bodies exhausted,
allow their spirits to feel our love and support.
May rest be sound for them.
Awaken them each day with renewed energy
and enthusiasm for the work ahead.
May Your glory shine through them
to all they encounter.
May lives be rebuilt through Your love and grace.
And then, Lord, grant them a safe return
to their homes and to those
who love and care for them. Amen.”

Thanks also to the members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry for the shawls donated to the eight Salkehatchie homes in our area that were repaired this year.

These were very special gifts that will be cherished for a long time.

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