Musical Notes from Robin – May 2020

Musical Notes from Robin

As the month of May begins, I can’t help but reflect on the unique time the past month and a half has been for each and everyone of us. The end of March and the entire month of April have truly changed lives.

I hardly know where to begin. Postponing the Passion Festival, cancelling all meetings at the church, and “streaming” worship services … are just a few of the changes I have experienced. Masterworks has canceled our May concert that would have been a performance of Brahms Requiem. The Florence Little Theatre has had to stop rehearsals for the closing musical West Side Story in the hopes of performing the show at a later date when this crisis has passed. I know that you have all had similar experiences.

I am so thankful for the technology we have to communicate with each other by phone, zoom, texting, social media, and streaming. I do miss seeing my friends and family, and I’m longing for the day when we can all be together again…especially in Main Street United Methodist Church.

I am so proud of our church and its ministry during this most difficult of times. I
appreciate your comments, prayers, and support as our “skeleton crew” has led our worship services for streaming and television. Our minister Henry Altman, Shelley and Sheldon, Anna Alford, Mike Summerlin, Bill Rogers, Owen Wallace, Ronnie Rice, Shaw, and I have done our best to celebrate Lent, Palm/Passion Sunday, and Easter in a way that glorifies our Lord and these seasons. Playing for a service with an almost empty church is an experience I never imagined having. However, with technology and the dedication of our church staff and members, worship has not stopped. Praise the Lord!

Hopefully the end of this crisis will soon be in sight, and what a wonderful celebration and reunion we will all have. On a personal note, thank you all for the birthday wishes. Turning 60 years old and beginning the 7th decade of my life—has indeed shown me how fortunate I am to have the family, friends, job, and life that I have.

I am so grateful to Shaw for sharing his talents so generously these past few weeks; I don’t know what I would have done without him. Being able to come to the church daily and to help lead in worship has been a source of inspiration and normalcy that I truly needed.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. I hope to see a return to happier times in the near future. The Joseph M. Martin cantata “Festival of Faith,” which would have been presented at the Passion Festival on Palm Sunday, is a beautiful work that celebrates the Christian faith. It will be even more meaningful when we are able to present it (as soon as possible).

I love Main Street United Methodist Church. The beautiful stained glass window of the “Good Shepherd”, which I face from the choir loft, never fails to give me comfort. Jesus holding the lamb is symbolic of him holding each of one of us …come what may.

God bless you all!
Love, Robin