Music Notes from Robin – March 2021


March has arrived, and the Season of Lent is now being observed. The final week of March is Holy Week, and Easter is the first Sunday of April. This time in the church year is a favorite of mine:

Christians journey through a time of reflection and repentance,
and they relive:

The triumphal entry,
The Last Supper,
The Betrayal of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,
The Crucifixion,
The Burial of Jesus, and
They rejoice in the Glory of the Resurrection!

Ordinarily The Sarah Allen Handbell Choir and The Charles Wesley Choir would be preparing a cantata for The Passion Festival and joyful music for Easter. It is my hope and prayer that, by the Fall, the COVID crisis will be under control…and Main Street will be operating with all its musicians and members worshipping together again.

At the present time, I am thankful for technology and virtual services being
available, for people gathering with social distancing, and for safety precautions being
observed in the Sanctuary.

Shaw and I are planning some beautiful selections for the Lenten Sunday
worship services, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday. This season would not be complete without traditional pieces such as:

“I Walked Today where Jesus Walked,”
“The Holy City”, and
“Because He Lives.”

However, the Thompson duo is in the process of preparing new arrangements of spirituals, hymns, and sacred pieces. Some of these selections include:

“What Wondrous Love is This?”
“There is a Green Hill Far Away”
“Agnus Dei” (Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sins of the World)
“Are Ye Able Said the Master” and
“Were You There?”

Please keep the Music Ministry in your prayers, as the church enters this
significant and special time of the year.

To God Be the Glory!