Music Notes from Robin – June 2021

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I am so thrilled to have The Charles Wesley Choir back in the choir loft and leading the music at our morning worship services. I am so grateful for the beautiful anthems presented in May for Mother’s Day, Ascension Sunday, Pentecost, and Memorial Day.
I would like to share a little bit of information about the opening hymn that was sung on Pentecost Sunday (May 23).

“Sweet, Sweet Spirit” was inspired when Doris Akers, legendary gospel music songwriter and choir director, insisted that her choir spend more time praying.

On a Sunday morning in 1962, Doris Akers, Director of The Sky Pilot Choir in Los Angeles, California, prayed with the choir members before the service, asking God to bless their songs. This particular morning, she asked the choir members to pray again. As they fervently prayed, she hesitated to stop the impromptu prayer meeting, although the Pastor was waiting to start the service.

“Finally,” Akers recalled, “I was compelled to say to the choir: “We have to go. I hate to leave this room, and I know you hate to leave; but we do have to go to the service. There is such a sweet, sweet spirit in this place.” This phrase stayed with Akers, and she wrote the hymn the next day.

The text of the hymn was inspired by Matthew 3:16-17. This scripture about
Jesus’ baptism reads, “He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him; and lo there was a voice from heaven saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

“Sweet, Sweet Spirit” was added to the United Methodist Hymnal in 1989, and it is often used on Pentecost Sunday.

As we enter the sixth month of 2021 this June, I am excited about the music planned for the choir. Fathers will be honored with a special selection on June 20th.

The Sarah Allen Handbell Choir will resume rehearsals in September, and Main Street’s music will be even further enhanced. Enjoy the summer months! I am looking forward to the services.

Thanks Be to God!

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