30th Anniversary of Robin Thompson at Main Street UMC

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We can’t believe it’s been 30 years since Robin Thompson began playing the organ and piano at Main Street United Methodist Church in Dillon! He walked in—and auditioned by playing a song from his senior recital at Coker College. We had never heard of him, but we were truly blown away by his unbelievable talent!

Little did we know that we had received a bonus when we hired Robin. His brother Shaw Thompson, who is truly a professional tenor, has also shared his
talents with us. In addition, Shaw has served as Choir Director during COVID. During this same time, Robin has pre-recorded all his organ accompaniment so he
could also sing baritone with our choir. And—because Robin knows so many other musicians whom he has assisted through the years, he has introduced some outstanding instrumentalists and soloists from all over the state of South Carolina. Our Christmas and Easter Cantatas and other special programs are a joy for our entire community. Yes, our congregation has been treated to some magnificent music through the years!

We sincerely thank you, Robin, for continuing to play faithfully each week —for 30 years—and for introducing all the other professional talent to Main Street United Methodist Church in Dillon!


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