From the Pastor’s Desk – March 2015

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Dear Friends,

At the start of every calendar year, every United Methodist Church is required—required! – to fill out Statistical Tables 1, 2, and 3—a compilation of the important numbers of our church’s previous year. Despite the hassles, it can be a good thing—and an informative one. To wit—Table #1:

General Membership Statistics
(with percentage differences noted by the conference)

Total Members beginning 2014 423
Received on Profession of Faith 0
United Methodist Transferred In 2    
Non-Methodists Transferred In 1    
Removed by Charge Conference 0    
Withdrawn 0    
Transferred Out 4    
Removed from Rolls by Death 9 28% Increase
 Total Members ending 2014
413 2% Decrease
 Female Members
Male Members 208    
Average Attendance at Worship 120 7% Decrease

 Christian Formation (Sunday School, Bible Study, and other Small Group Ministries)

Children in All Groups 17 13% Increase
Youth in All Groups 27 170% Increase
 Young Adults in All Groups 19 171% Increase
Other Adults in All Groups 93 15% Decrease
Total Number of persons in All Groups 156 9% Increase
Average Attendance in Sunday School 70 9% Decrease
Number of Participants in VBS 35 No Change
Membership Methodist Men 40
Amount Paid for Projects $19,262.00
 Membership Methodist Women 50
 Amount Paid for Local Projects $700.00
Number of Persons Engaged in Mission 114 48% Increase
Number of Persons Served by the community Ministries for Outreach, Justice and Mercy. 178 12% Increase

We sometimes say that we are a ‘shrinking’ congregation.  But that is not the only sign of health or ill-health in a church.  Notice the number of increases in a number of these categories—especially missions and outreach.  Those indicate a very healthy congregation.  Of course, numbers don’t tell everything; such as how prayer-inspired and spirit-energized our outreach and mission really is.  But the numbers certainly reflect it!  I’d say we had a very good year.  To say nothing of our financials on Statistical Tables 2 & 3.

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